Our Fall League will consist of a minimum of 6 Double-headers beginning the weekend of September 9. Don’t be left out. Fill out the Fall League Application.

Please note that for divisions PEEWEE, CUB, and BANTAM, we plan on playing predominantly on Sundays. There is room for a little flexibility. Grasshopper and Freshmen double-headers can vary between Saturday and Sunday so if that’s a problem, please make it clear on your application.

It’s also important to remember that most organizations use Fall Ball as an early Spring training season for the following year. As a result, they move their teams up one level. So for example, Cub American teams (10U) will register for Bantam Central (traditionally 11U). Don’t be left behind playing against younger teams. If your team might be ready – move them up.

Teams with home fields may play half of their double-headers at home. No problem if you don’t have a home field, but if you have one, please include that information. Include when your field is available and if you’re new to NY Travel Baseball, please include the field’s address.

The entry deadline is August 23.
More questions? Call David (347) 247-8669.